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Ensemble Auditions

What ensembles are available to flutists? Can I still participate in ensembles even if I'm not a music major?

Students of all majors can participate in ensembles. Auditions are required to participate in Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonietta, Symphony Band, and Chamber Woodwinds. No audition is required for University Band and Flute Ensemble (Music 346).

What should I prepare for ensemble auditions?
Auditions are held on the day before the first day of classes each semester, unless classes start on a Monday. In that case, auditions are held on the first day of classes. Auditions occur from 1-4 PM.  Sign up for a time at Snow 267.

Required audition materials:
Two octave major and minor scales, and a full range chromatic scale.
Audition Excerpts (available about 1 month prior to the start of each semester)